Pelvic Health Workshops & Classes

We are proud to offer bespoke specialist workshops on important areas of pelvic health. We also run specifically designed Pilates classes aimed at optimising pelvic floor rehabilitation and empowering people to be able to move with confidence.

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We are proud to offer bespoke specialist workshops on important areas of pelvic health. These are delivered in small/ medium sized groups over a 2 hour period and are designed to be an introduction to the topic, including advice and where appropriate, exercises to help individuals understand their bodies better.

Workshop Topics

We offer workshops on the following topics:

This workshop aims to cover all the key pieces of information relating to c-section recovery such as scar massage, tummy and pelvic floor strengthening, bladder and bowel health and returning to fitness.
Here we spend time covering the importance of the famous pelvic floor exercises, recti divarication recovery, bladder and bowel health and returning to fitness.
Myth busting, confidence boosting and of course, the all important pelvic floor education with an emphasis on the impact of the menopause and how to get the best from your body at this time of life.

A fun evening filled with quizzes, education and exercises to take home.

pelvic floor workshop

If you’d like to host a workshop for a group of people, please do get in touch to discuss in more detail.

Our Workshops

As Pelvic Health Physiotherapists we are passionate about teaching women how to recover their bodies properly after having a baby. This doesn’t just have to be in the first weeks/ months, it can be beneficial even years down the line.

Our workshops cover all sorts of post-natal pelvic health topics including:

– Pelvic floor- anatomy, how to do it, exercise program recommendations
– Tummy muscles: anatomy and exercise recommendations
– How to maintain a healthy bladder and bowel
– Prolapse: how to prevent and manage

There is always plenty of opportunities to ask questions along the way.

Previous Feedback – ”All women should have to attend this”, ”Brilliant, made to feel comfortable on what could be a really embarrassing subject”

Our workshops are suitable for any female looking to find out more information on post-natal recover and make positive improvement to their pelvic health.

Workshop dates coming soon.

Restore your Pelvic Floor Pilates: our pelvic focused classes are designed for women who are looking for professional support in returning or establishing safe exercise when experiencing pelvic floor symptoms.
The class is led by a specialist pelvic health physiotherapist, which means exercise is designed and can be tailored to suit individual need.

Post Natal Pilates Classes

The perfect follow on from the Mummy MOT, and for any women wanting to optimise their core control post natally with the support of a pelvic health expert.